Enrollment Information

GOOD NEWS!!! You can apply online for admission to Trinity Lutheran School. We utilize a program called TADS to streamline this process. TADS stands for Tuition Aid Data Services. TADS allows parents to apply for Admission online and if your child is in Kindergarten through 5th Grade you can apply for Financial Aid. Please see the links below for more information.

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Please do not let the cost of tuition be the reason you choose to not enroll.  Financial aid is available for Kindergarten – 5th Grade.  You can apply for financial aid by clicking here:
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Would you like more information? Click here or give us a call – 402-466-1800!

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Registration/Enrollment fee:

K-5: Currently enrolled Trinity Students (Now through March 17, 2017) and new students: $155.00 per student. Currently enrolled Trinity Students (March 18, 2017 and after): $200.00 per student.

Early Childhood Education (ECE) /Preschool: Currently enrolled Trinity students (now through March 17, 2017) and all new students – $120.00. Currently enrolled Trinity students (March 18, 2017 and after) – $150.00 Early Childhood/Preschool for ages 18 months to 5 years old (by July 31st) or Elementary for Grades K-5 (Kindergarten – turns 5 by July 31st and is completely potty trained)

Welcome to Trinity Lutheran School
We Share Your Views and Beliefs
As a parent, you want your child to grow up in an environment where the beliefs are like your own. The world we live in offers many opportunities and just as many distractions that can lead us astray. Lutheran Schools in our area, like Trinity Lutheran, provide a setting where faith is fostered each and every day. Children learn they have alternatives to the values and lifestyles commonly displayed in popular culture. At Trinity Lutheran, students are taught to view the world through a Christian lens that guides them to live according to biblical ideals in today’s world. Students, teachers and families speak freely about Christ at our school and are encouraged to share the Gospel.

We Partner with Your Family
The community of students, teachers and families at Trinity Lutheran feel like “family.” We take pride in relationships that go beyond the student alone and extend deeper to their family. Lutheran Schools in Lincoln are not bound by the same structure as other schools in the area. This gives us the unique opportunity to embrace each student and their family as individuals to provide the personal attention, encouragement and problem solving you and your child deserve. We may have the titles of principal, teacher or coach, but our passion for being strong Christian role models and partnering with families to shape the futures of our youth through the love of God is our mission.

We Prepare Youth for Success
Students perform better academically when they are comfortable in their environment and feel they belong. Benefits like smaller class sizes, going to chapel and applying biblical teaching and guidance to difficult situations are all a part of how we provide a high quality Christ-centered education. While each school is different and has its own curriculum, Lutheran Schools in Lincoln achieve among the highest in standardized test scores. Lincoln Lutheran High School in particular traditionally has ACT scores amid the highest of all Lincoln schools. Families who pick a Lutheran School find that their kids have more opportunities to excel academically, personally and spiritually. Lincoln Lutheran Schools keep a leading edge by implementing the latest in technology and teaching methods. Teachers really care and do everything they can to make sure students are well-prepared to succeed in college and in life.

We Have Passion
Passion is such a strong emotion. It causes us to live and breathe for the things in life we care about, like our love for God and our love for our children. At Trinity Lutheran School, we share these passions with you. As students, teachers and families, we encounter Christ in everything we do and partner together to shape the futures of our young people. Trinity Lutheran has deep roots with a rich history of over 130 years of offering a traditional Christian education within a kid and family friendly environment. As a complement to our Christ-centered elementary school, Lincoln Lutheran Middle and High School provides an
excellent opportunity for your child to continue their high quality education. When choosing a place to educate your children, pick a Lutheran School.